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DEI Creates More Bias and Prejudice

By February 15, 2024Commentary

This is kind of a “doh, who would have thunk it moment”.  This article reviews research on DEI programs and what their impact really is.  It comes from Canada but most of the research summarized is from the United States.  As you would expect if you spend any time thinking about it rationally, highlighting differences, real or imagined, between groups only increases tension, bias and discrimination.  We are seeing this play out in real time in the United States, where the focus of the last few years on demonizing white people and to some extent Asians, has led to overt discrimination, worse stereotyping and more prejudice.  It has increased the level of racism.

But don’t imagine that this wasn’t the goal of the ideologues pushing this garbage.  They don’t care about equality or inclusion, they care about power.  And if they can get power by agitating minorities, even if unjustified and even it harms society, they don’t care.  Ironically most of the pro(re)gressives who benefit from stirring up racism are white.   DEI is fundamentally used to gain power and punish opponents, it has nothing to do with a better world. If the goal is a society where everyone has equal opportunity and is treated objectively according to the same standards, and we allow those with the best skills, experience and work ethic to flourish, so that everyone’s standard of living is advanced, the reality is that everyone knows that DEI and associated nonsense does nothing achieve those goals.    (AF Report)

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  • Karen K says:

    I do find men and women communicate differently and for different purposes. Men compete when they communicate or debate or discuss. Women tend to collaborate. Both have their purposes. I al on an all male team as a lone woman. They literally at times appear not to be listening to what I say but i think they think I al competing with them. But I am not I al trying to state facts or reality. I was hopeful DEI efforts might help train in these issues. It hasn’t. Its caused a backlash against me as the lone female. What a waste of time money and effort. Eventually it will just raise more expectations that result in federal complaints and law suits.

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