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No, Virginia, the CV-19 Vax Don’t Cause Issues for Newborns

By February 16, 2024Commentary

Among the most despicable of the lies told by the CV-19 vax safety nuts is that they endangered pregnant women and their fetuses or newborn babies.  Here is a large study from Sweden and Norway finding, of course, no evidence of any such thing.  About 94,000 infants born to women who had been vaccinated were compared with 102,000 born to unvaxed mothers.  From the data it appears that in fact being born to a vaxed mother was associated with lower risk of neonatal mortality and several brain complications.  There was no evidence of any increased complication or risk due to the mother having been vaxed.  The study included basically every infant born in these countries during the study period and adjusted for a large number of health and demographic factors.  A very large number of potential negative outcomes in neonates was examined.  It isn’t clear why mortality should be lower, since research has shown that the vaccine does not cross the placenta and isn’t found in cord blood.  But it may be that vaxed mothers had better health habits and that included how they cared for their infants after birth.  But in any event, there is no reason that a pregnant woman should fear her infant suffering an adverse event due to her getting a CV-19 vax.  (JAMA Study) 

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