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Another Climate Research Update

By May 1, 2024Commentary

If you want to read research supporting the hysterical approach to climate, you can find it anywhere–in the media and the major “science” publications.  You have to look further to find more independent, and accurate, research.  Last week I posted on the set of research around whether further addition of CO2 to the atmosphere actually could raise temperatures.  In addition to carbon dioxide, claims are raised that methane and nitrous oxide also cause warming, and do so at a far greater rate than CO2.  A new paper challenges these conclusions, finding that not only does CO2 not cause substantial warming, but the other compounds are even less likely to be associated with warming.  (CO2 Article)

And a second study shows how pervasive the hysteria narrative is, so that even when a study clearly undermines the massive warming, the authors feel compelled to try to have a message that adds to the hysteria.  So this study dealt with the melting of Arctic ice, which Al Gore told us would be gone ten years ago, and yet magically, despite ever-growing CO2 concentrations, is at the same level it has been in past decades.  The authors note that ice in the area north of Greenland 10,000 years ago was seasonal, it wasn’t permanent, year-round ice.  Temperatures were several degrees warmer than the present time, giving the lie to the “unprecedented warmth” bullshit we are constantly fed by hysterics.  Now this earlier warmth obviously was due to natural cycles and phenomenon, not human activities.  That should be a warning to us all that what is occurring now likely also is due to natural cycles and causes.  But nope, at the end of the article, the authors have to say the study is a warning that supposed climate change caused by humans might also lead to the end of permanent sea ice.  This is a glaring non sequitor, but it is also what you have to do to get climate research published.  (Nat. Comm. Article)

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  • David K says:

    I’m just a simpleton, but I know that if the solution to any problem is higher taxes and more gov’t regulation, it’s not a real problem.

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