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Another Contender in the Dumbest Piece of CV-19 Research Sweepstakes

By August 3, 2023Commentary

You read this stuff and you think it has to be parody, but then you remember that the medical establishment is full whacked woke.  The title of this joke of a “study” tells you all you need to know.  It purports to compare death rates from CV-19 among Democrats and Republicans in Florida and Ohio.  It is just beyond absurd that something like this even gets published.  The study claims that those bad, bad, bad Republicans died at a 43% higher rate than did Democrats.  The implication is that this is because they didn’t get vaxed as much.  Among the obvious defects of the study is that it doesn’t actually know cause of death, it just assumed all excess deaths were CV-19 ones.  Death rates were higher before the epidemic in supposedly Republican counties, probably because those tend to have more older people.  The researchers don’t actually know who is a Republican or Democrat, just made assumptions that the deaths were among Republicans is supposed Republican counties and vice versa.  Independent voters were excluded even though they represent a large part of the electorate.    They didn’t actually know if whoever died was vaxed or not.  There was no difference in their warped study in Florida, just in Ohio, which tells you how screwed up the methodology was.  And of course, they cherrypicked time periods, not starting til May of 2021 and ignored larger trends at that time.  So the whole point of the study was to demean Republicans, and it doesn’t matter what methodology or data twisting you had to use to get there.  It is truly embarrassing that this stuff can get published.  (JAMA Article)

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  • joseph kosanda says:

    I did an analysis of death rates by state through Nov 2021 for the over 65 age group for approx 20 states. At that time, there was virtually no difference in per capita death rates by state for the 65+ age group, irrespective of whether it was a blue state or red state. Florida was ever so slightly below the median of the others states, MN was ever so slightly above the median state per capita death rate. ( my analysis was limited to approx 20 states due to limitations on the quality of the data). There have been several studies conducted using data through june/july of 2022 that the age weighted death rates in several red states was significantly higher in those red states.

    I am dubious of the quality of the data for several reasons, A) my analysis listed above indicates that it would be unlikely to be a significant shift in per capita death rates based prior history, B) The commonly reported per capita death rates for the unvaxed in the Nov 2021-feb 2022 time frame is approx 4x-5x higher than the per capita death rates for the unvaxed in the Nov 2020 -Feb 2022 time frame which is implausible, and C) there appears to have been a bias in reporting cause of death if the death was an unvaxed vs vaxed individual.

  • Joe Kosanda says:

    Just to clarify
    One the first point – the limitation was due to the inability to obtain the data from the cdc of the state health authority

    On the second point- I am dubious of the republican death rate being higher than the democrat death rates for the reasons listed

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