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Countries Are Starting to Regret Their CV-19 Responses

By August 4, 2023Commentary

It is okay now to criticize how CV-19 was handled, after a couple of years of berating and deplatforming anyone who suggested officials didn’t know what they were doing and were actually causing a lot of damage.  The Scottish government had a very draconian lockdown and response and has now commissioned an inquiry into that response.  An independent epidemiologist wrote a lengthy initial report.  (Scottish Report)   Basically what the epidemiologist said was that there was no evidence to support the lockdown.  That was obvious from the start, and it didn’t stop politicians.  This was unprecedented and literally crazy to have even contemplated.  And it was basically copying the Chinese approach, which should have been a huge warning signal.

This report (go to my link, and you can see presentations and a place to click on to get a PDF), has an outstanding and easily understandable description of all the basics of the epidemic, including how to understand research, what CV-19 is, how it is transmitted, basic aspects of the disease, treatments, preventative measures, etc.  It is in the preventative measures area where government policies were the stupidest and were completely unsupported by any evidence that they would work.  The money quotes are found on pages 77 and 78 (PDF page numbers), i.e. there was no evidence to support forced measures by the Scottish government like masking and lockdowns, none.  Not only was there no evidence for their use in Scotland, there wasn’t any evidence for it anywhere.

But I will say it again, the morons who are our politicians, and the cowardly terrorists that are our public health officials, will implement the same futile, harmful measures again in a nanosecond.

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