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CO2 and Temperature

By August 3, 2023Commentary

I am extremely dubious that a) there is any meaningful increase in global temperatures beyond typical swings seen forever in the earth’s temperature record or b) that human releases of CO2 are responsible for any increase that does exist.  The earth’s climate system is extremely complex and poorly understood, particularly in regard to multiple feedback mechanisms.  The chart below shows the long-run relationship between temperature, as reflected in the longest-running actual thermometer record from England, and CO2 levels.  You see the green arrow with the temperature trend (imagine the urbanization heat effect contribution to this trend) and you see the much sharper rise in CO2 levels.  Clearly no linear relationship or probably any relationship at all.

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  • Roberto says:

    I’m curious how high temperatures can get before people can’t survive. It seems like Phoenix at 110 degrees every day is about 10 degrees above normal. Twin Cities also seems 10 above normal for years now and getting worse. What happens if Phoenix hits 130 in a few years? Can they deal with that?

  • Blackwing1 says:

    Notice the cut-off date. Funny (sarcasm) that they didn’t include the Medieval Climate Optimum period from the 900 AD’s to the middle 1300’s, isn’t it. Since that would have blown it completely out of the water, with global temperatures MUCH higher than they are currently.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      That would involve using proxy records, and you are accurate that this would show multiple times of higher temps in the past. This particular chart used the longest known actual thermometer record which started later.

  • Verla Harmston says:

    I taught earth science for over 20 years. One of the things we looked at were all the climate stages this planet has been through. Ice ages, times with no ice, heavy volcanic activity, etc. Evidence has been found that Antarctica had palm trees and balmy weather. During the time of the dinosaurs, the temperatures were hotter and little to no ice was anywhere. Currently the earth is coming out of an ice age. So, what does this say? Exactly what that graph shows. Man did not create or destroy the ice age. Man is not responsible. Man had nothing to do with high temperatures during the dinosaurs because, man was not here. Yes, man is using tons of CO2 but are we arrogant enough to think we can destroy climates which came and went for 4.5 billion of earth’s years? I never cease to be amazed how today the elite create fear through wanting to control the climate of the world when they have 0 power to control weather or volcanic eruptions. They preach that we should go back to the stone age to save the planet while the rest of the world continues living as they do. American efforts will save the world. To me these are people ignorant of planet earths climate history but focused on power and control using scare tactics of change to grab and hold that power.

  • P E says:

    Perfectly said! Too bad all the frenzied idjuts just don’t possess enough working brain matter to process and understand what is actually fact! It’s much more fun and easier to process the ‘fake ish,’ for those weak minded, empty headed types. It must be what happens when babies are saturated with all the chemicals in the world, and who’s brains are altered, not quite right. They usually slant towards being libs as well! MAKES TOTAL SENSE NOW!

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