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Four More Years of Lying Incompetence

By November 9, 2022Commentary

Apparently we here in Minnesota like lying weasels for our Governor and Attorney Generals who are only interested in helping criminals.  God help us if Dems also control the legislature, there will no stopping the lunatic progressive policies.  Little Timmy’s incompetence is obvious to anyone–he did a horrendous job of managing the epidemic response.  He has allowed crime to go completely unchecked.  Minnesotans’ overall public health has deteriorated dramatically.  Drug traffickers are unchallenged and drug overdoses have soared.

Our economy is propped up by ridiculous levels of government spending while the wealthy and business flees to lower-tax states.   Unemployment looks low only because people don’t even bother to work when they can steal from the government.  Our schools are not teaching our children the basics but serve as indoctrination factories for whacko leftist ideas.  Our energy costs are soaring because of lies about climate change and the cost and reliability of renewables.

None of this will change now, it will only get worse and I wonder how bad it has to get before Minnesotans finally wake up and realize that the progressive government they keep voting for is actually regressive when it comes to quality of life.

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  • Val Ree says:

    I feel bad for the Minnesotans living outside the metro. Looking at the map (and results) outside the metro, Jensen was the clear the winner. I’m trying to wrap my head around why people think an economy destroyed in 2 years is a good reason to re-elect the destroyers.

  • rob says:

    I guess we’re going to need a few more suburban housewives getting carjacked before people wake up.

  • David says:

    Not that I trust any election run by Steve Simon but I share the curiosity of people choosing destructive leadership over people with common sense proposals. I feel like the woman who stated during the Rodney King riots, “I’m ashamed of my own people.” I saw the title of another article here blaming Trump. I couldn’t disagree more. He showed how to fight political battles and backed up his bloviating with corrective action for our country. The people pushing their oppressive and destructive ideals on U.S. aren’t nice, reasonable people.

  • RRD says:

    Was it a matter of campaign ads? Or promises of free stuff? How did Walz convince 1.3 million people to vote for him?

  • D says:

    I’m disappointed by what was allowed in Minnesota without any regret. I was wrong thinking Minnesotans would care. I thought more would push against lockdowns, closed schools and businesses, and burning cities. Dr Scott Jensen’s negative tone in his campaign hurt. He ends his pod with ”What’s good, Scott?” and he didn’t follow my tip to add that to every post and verbal message. Florida, South Dakota, & Arizona showed me what I wanted to see. Good candidates resonate. Now we can focus on the mandates, Rand Paul can clean up the mess from the last two years, and we can move forward never repeating past mistakes. Let’s go! #StillHopeful

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