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It Is All Trump’s Fault

By November 9, 2022Commentary

So if you were disappointed by the election failing to deliver a clear message that the country needs to radically change direction, what happened to prevent that.  I can give you a one word answer:  Trump.  This egomaniacal dunce single-handedly killed Republican chances.  His atrocious hand-picked candidates lost multiple Senate seats and Governor races.  The stories in the past week about his announcement of a 2024 run gave a last-minute boost to Democrats. The guy is walking disaster for conservatives.  He cares only about himself and not one whit about the country or the people living in it.

Now contrast that to DeSantis and Florida.  A blowout, far past what the polls were saying.  Every part of the state voted for him.  He pulled Rubio and countless other candidates along with him.  Why–because he focuses on policies that make people’s lives better and it isn’t about him, at all, it is always about helping citizens.

So for God’s sake, let’s all tell Trump not to run, just get the hell out of the public spotlight, and let DeSantis and other Republicans take over.

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  • James L. Edholm says:

    I second that emotion!!

    • Douglas Kraus says:

      Show us where the bad man hurt you.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      if you are referring to Trump he hurt us all including you, I wouldn’t make light of this, he personally is responsible for this screwup. And if you want to see the alternative, look at Florida

    • Joe says:

      The only vote that I cast for President Trump was the vote in the general election against “That Woman.” That was probably the best vote I ever cast (then again, as a based conservative, all of my votes are good). President Trump did a lot of good things. He moved our Embassy to Jerusalem, he had some good judicial appointments, and he didn’t try to involve us in any more foreign wars. His choice to let the sado-maskists lock us down was a bad one and probably cost him a second term. The best thing that he can now do for the Republic is to step back and let a new generation of Republican leaders run with this ball.

  • rob says:

    I agree 100% about Trump. Unfortunately, most Republican voters have not been vocal about their dislike of that blowhard and his “stolen election” BS.

  • Jeanne Fleming says:


  • John Oh says:

    I think it’s time for a house cleaning. All around. McConnell is as bad as Trump, just quieter about it. Rona Romney is doing better, but is still late to the game on the tech side of campaigns. One of the things DeSantis did during his term was clean up the election system in Florida. That’s why a very big and diverse state with two time zones had complete results by about 10 pm. By contrast Maricopa County says maybe by Friday — and the machines didn’t work and the printers were defective and oh well, it’s not like they didn’t have two years to clean up the 2020 mess. (Makes Trump’s claims more credible by the way.) And the way the day of votes are breaking this will hurt Lake, maybe a lot. In Luzerne County PA, a hard red county, voters were told to come back later because the machines were out of paper. Over 40 machines. If you have a life, you may not be able to come back later after waiting an hour because election officials are either partisan — which I believe is the case in Maricopa or idiots which I think is the case in Luzerne. Problems every where.

  • Blackwing1 says:

    From your lips to G-d’s ears. In 2016 we had a candidate vomited forth from the Republican party that was one of the worst choices possible. Fortunately, the Dem-wing chose an even WORSE one. So for the presidential election we had a choice between Felonia von Pantsuit and the constitutionally illiterate bloviating salestwit. I voted for the salestwit since it was a far less onerous choice.

    In 2020 I cheerfully voted for Trump since, despite his lack of understanding of the founding of the US and our Constitution, he had followed court rulings when his over-stepping of the bounds was ruled either un-Constitutional or simply unlawful (unlike the current occupant of the White House, where his cabal simply ignores court rulings over and over again). There can be no disputing that his policies were beneficial to the US, with a booming economy, energy self-sufficiency, and good international relationships.

    Having watched the election in real-time, there is zero doubt that it was, in fact, stolen.

    Just watching the returns in Michigan where, with 98% of the vote counted, and only 400,000 left to be tabulated, and Trump up by about 100,000 votes, they stopped the counting. 5 hours later, having ejected all of the Rep-wing observers, they resumed counting, declaring Biden the winner by about 100,000 votes. Do the math, since it means that this one locality went for Biden by a 3-to-1 ratio, where everywhere else it was neck-and-neck, with Trump barely edging him out 51% to 49%. How likely was it that this one area was so different than the rest of the state, and by that kind of margin? Basically impossible. Yet the recount suit was thrown out on the basis of “standing” rather than its merits.

    We’re seeing exactly the same thing in the Senate races right now. The key states where the Rep-wing had a chance to win are delaying their vote counts until they know exactly how many they need to “discover” (in either absentee or early voting ballots) to win.

    Funny how my tiny little adopted state of Wyoming (we are political and economic refugees from the Soviet Socialist State of MN) can get 100% of the votes tabulated and the results posted on-line despite being considered rural hicks in fly-over land by the elitist wannabes who can’t seem to get their votes counted in less than a week. Of course if they wanted to they would, so the only reasonable explanation is that they don’t want to, since it would limit their ability to commit these kinds of frauds.

  • Michelle says:

    I completely agree with you about Trump. I wish he would have kept his mouth shut before the election. Made any Dems on the fence say “hell no”.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      that is pure bullshit conspiracy theory and I have no patience for that today especially, exactly the kind of stuff that keeps conservatives from winning

  • Michelle says:

    Perhaps I misunderstood you!! I thought I was agreeing with you. What’s the conspiracy theory?

    • Kevin Roche says:

      come on, don’t be duplicitous, suggesting that the vax have high rates of serious adverse events is bad enough but saying the military intentionally gave it to soldiers to injure them. Please stop

  • D says:

    100% on board. Trump’s ego is his downfall and those around him drain in the wake. The bad candidates didn’t have a mission or reason and that lack of direction showed and was “rewarded.” No one ran against mandates which also could have been a bell-ringer. Now, we have a partial victory. Let’s hope a lesson is learned.

    • Michelle says:

      Lol Kevin well that was a comment on a different piece. Here I was agreeing with you about Trump. You doing ok?

  • Richard Berger says:

    I see that all the Trump haters who joined the Dems and the media in attacking him feel it is safe to attack him again. Without Trump, Hillary would have won in 2016 against another in the mold of Romney & McCain. Trump flipped Florida in 2016; would DeSantis have eked out a victory in 2016 without Trump? Trump showed Republicans how to fight instead of being amiable losers.

    This is a pathetic post. Instead of attacking Trump, figure out how the Dems won, and don’t rule out significant fraud.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      At this point we clearly would have been better off if Hilary had won, Reps would have no Trump baggage, would have taken Congress in 2018 and would have won everything in 2020. Trump is the whole problem and people who deny that, like you, are only prolonging the time it takes to regain control

    • Joe says:

      The only argument against KR’s note below is that the Supreme Court would look markedly different. The devil we know is that we ate something rhyming with a hit sandwich in a number of elections, probably due to the Orange Man.

  • Dan says:

    The problem is really not Trump but peoples reaction to what he says. He like a kid throwing a temper tantrum. Why can’t people just ignore what he says? DeSantis has so far and if he continues to during the 2024 primary’s he will win.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      Trump is 100% the problem and people react to what he says because he is nuts and he is keeping conservatives from being able to get elected and change the country’s direction. He needs to leave the public sphere completely, so Dems can’t keep running against him. The people who most want him to be the nominee are the Dems.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      the problem is 100% Trump, he is actively keeping conservatives from winning and he needs to go

  • JT says:

    KR, you’ve put the efforts in that have earned you a valid and respected space to communicate your unique perspectives on topics. But all of this banter is about the tips of the icebergs and is not addressing the real issues. If you do basic problem solving and ask ‘Why’ 5 times … you drill the ‘virus’ down to illegal bioweapon development and the “elections’ down to the ‘Technocrats’ running the communication and voting systems. ‘Vaccines’ and ‘Trump’ are just excuses fed to the stupid ‘masses’ to cover up the deeper issues.

    The dissolving of our country’s sovereignty is what’s at play and we can’t vote our way out. Step #1: hit the next Davos meeting with an ICBM, backfill the hole, build and dedicate a playground to the world’s children. That would be a true ‘Young Leader’s’ event !

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