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Where Does All that College Tuition Go?

By February 11, 2024Commentary

I think we all know the answer to that.  People complain about the rising cost of health care, but it is nothing compared to increases in college costs, which have been over 12% in recent years and since 1963, after adjustment for inflation, have risen 747%.  Think about that, it costs over 7 times as much now in real dollars, dollars worth the same amount of purchasing price.  That is simply astounding.  Why did costs get so high?  Because universities grotesquely overpay professors for doing no teaching and they have hired immense numbers of administrative staff, especially in DEI, who do nothing productive.  So student debt soars and then taxpayers are asked to foot the bill.   And of course a large part of all the excess pay to professors and surplus administrative staff just gets recycled as donations to the Democrat party machine.  (Barrons OpEd)

Meanwhile our universities have devolved into non-educational institutions, incapable of teaching students even basic history, math or science.  They are indoctrination and brainwashing factories, with an exclusively radical, radical, radical left-wing view of everything that actively prevents the expression of any countervailing viewpoint.  It is not just a waste of money, it is a national disgrace.  Fortunately, there is now a greater awareness of just how bad it is, and alternatives are being created and some universities are being reformed.  But it will take a massive exercise of willpower to exorcise the the woke demon.  Meanwhile if you are a high school student, stay away from these whacked colleges, you won’t learn anything that makes your life better.  Go to community college, learn a trade, find an apprenticeship.  All better choices than subjecting yourself to four years of lunacy.

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  • Rob says:

    Supply and demand. We’re sending 8x the number of students to college compared to sixty years ago, and there are only a handful of additional schools. The elite schools are happy to not admit many more students as that makes them more elite and justifies the higher tuition. And the other schools can’t expand fast enough – lots of state schools seek elite status too.

    But even the non elite state schools charge so much that students enroll and then drop out when they and their families get hit with a tuition increase.

    And the revenue the large schools take in is way more than the outrageous increase in tuition. Because most of them are raking in thousands of percent more in federal grants than they did sixty years ago.

  • Jersey JoePa says:

    No surprise that the two areas that have consistently outpaced inflation over these decades are College tuition and Hospital bills.

    Financial dependency favors those who support larger government and vice versa.

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