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The Antidote to Global Warming Hysteria

By January 25, 2024Commentary

In conjunction with willing dupes in the media and government, the global warming hysterics have succeeded in convincing most people, especially young ones, that the world is on the verge of burning up, seeing catastrophic sea level rise, and creating extensive areas where it is too warm to live.  None of this has the slightest basis in fact, so of course the whackos have both faked the facts and made up models to use, instead of actual observations.  Fortunately there are a few scientists who actually believe in research and data, although the hysterics are doing their best to put them out of business.  And countries with strong science communities like China and Russia clearly don’t buy the CO2 caused global warming nonsense.

One of those scientists is Roy Spencer, who has a blog everyone should read and who is very rational about climate issues.  He has written a paper, which the climate research community has tried to suppress and avoid publishing, comparing what models have projected about temperatures and what has really happened.  You can access the paper here.  (Spencer Paper)

Specifically, the amount of actual warming is only 43% of that predicted on average by the models.  Every single model showed US temperatures being warmer than they were in actuality.  Any warming that does exist cannot be definitively shown to be caused by increased CO2.  And Dr. Spencer has separately shown that much of the supposed measured temperature increase in the US is due to urban heat effects and does not exist in rural areas.  The paper is worth a full read to get a good grounding in the truth about climate.

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  • John Bolders says:

    Dr. Spencer has been on the frontline of skepticism for many years. Joe Bastardi at is another voice in the wilderness. He theorizes most of our ocean warming is caused by underwater volcanic activity that no one seems interested in studying (probably no money in it).

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