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Have a Good Holiday, but Spend Some Time Remembering and Thanking

By May 25, 2024Commentary

It is one of our national holidays again.  Memorial Day, which is designed to honor those who have fought for our country.  In an era of voluntary service, most Americans have little appreciation for the military.  And those in the military are increasingly forced to serve the cause of “social injustice” and subjected to all manner of woke garbage.  Worse than being in combat.  So our military is woefully understaffed and underprepared, but it is really good at hoisting pride flags.  What soldiers do is beyond brave.  To knowingly subject yourself to extreme risk of death is an astounding feat.  Our ability to be free and to have a high standard of living is directly related to those who were willing to fight authoritarian regimes.  The existence of our country is due to people like this who had a dream of a freer economy and political system.

So while you are relaxing, give thanks for at least a few minutes for those who serve and who served.  If you know a veteran, give them a personal thank you.  And remind our younger generations that if they don’t think this country and the values that built this country aren’t worth fighting for, they will lose it.  It is long past time to institute mandatory national service, with a shorter term for those who choose to be in the military.  Everyone should serve and maybe then people would have a little more gratitude.

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  • Al Koivisto says:

    Memorial Day is a day set aside for those who were KIA or MIA during hostilities. Veteran’s Day is set aside for those who’ve served like me, a Vietnam Era Navy Seabee or my father and father-in-law who survived combat in Europe and North Africa!
    BTW, I’ve followed your posts since the beginning of this COVID crapola,!

    • Kevin Roche says:

      Thank you for reading and for the clarification. In today’s world we should celebrate all veterans multiple days.

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