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The Incompetent Blowhard’s Family Friendly State

By May 24, 2024Commentary

Tim Walz is a liar; it is an essential facet of his character, he is simply incapable of telling the truth.  He is a complete policy hack as well, he doesn’t really know anything about any subject, he just does whatever the whacked pro(re)gressives tell him to do so he can keep getting campaign contributions from the teachers’ unions, state employees’ union and the letter community.  So when he says his goal is to make Minnesota a family friendly state, you can rightfully assume he means the opposite.  Kill viable babies, sexually mutilate your children, with our without your knowledge, indoctrinate them to be anti-semites and racists, increase crime rates to never-before-seen levels, demonize law enforcement, make electricity unaffordable and unavailable, increase every type of tax and create new ones; those are certainly all very family friendly policies.

Unfortunately for Little Fat Timmy, the truth will out and a recent study finds that Minnesota is one of the most unaffordable states for families, in fact to live comfortably (meaning without constant fear of financial disaster) in Minnesota a family of four would need $245,000 in annual income.  Know many families with that much income?  Every single state at the top of the list, like Minnesota, is run by whacked Dems.  At the lower end of the list–every state is run by Reps.  This is largely due to tax burden and policies that make utilities more or less expensive.  Minnesota has about the highest income tax, property tax, sales tax, license fees, etc.  Draw your own conclusions about which states are truly family friendly.  (ZH Post)

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