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The Truth About Historical CO2 Levels

By October 19, 2023Commentary

Here is another piece of research which debunks some of the climate crisis, unprecedented climate gibberish that is spouted in the press all the time and that is based on fake, literally fake, research.  The paper comes from Germany, where the pressure to only make up research results consistent with a climate emergency is a little less than in the US.  The paper looks at CO2 concentration measurements between 1826 and 1960, before the levels really took off.  The hysterics criticized a prior analysis of these measurements because it didn’t fit the alarmist agenda.  This author says the prior analysis was just fine.

What upset the hysterics was that the prior analysis of almost 100,000 air samples with a variety of document factors like location, temperature on the sample date, etc., showed substantial variation in CO2 concentration and that variation was correlated with sea temperatures.  Think about that, because the same issue shows up in ice cores.  It appears that temperature changes lead, and are likely a very strong causative factor in CO2 levels, making it unlikely that fossil fuel emissions are actually doing much to affect temperature.  In particular between 1939 and 1943 the CO2 level spiked to something close to today’s level.  The researcher demonstrates that there was nothing flukey about this, that it was real and linked to real physical processes including increased soil respiration of CO2 and the aforementioned higher sea surface temps which also lead to more CO2 outgassing.

You look at the charts in this paper and it is pretty clear, given the sensitivities of release of CO2 from the soil and water, that temperature changes are the primary cause of increases in CO2.  Just a small temperature change leads to a very large increase in such releases.  This is deadly to the hysterics, absolutely deadly, which is why the paper, which is peer-reviewed and written by an established climate scientist, has gotten so little attention.  It shows that a better explanation for our current high CO2 levels is an increase in temperature, not fossil fuel emissions.  And those higher temperatures are likely just part of the constant variability in temperature levels that are seen on all time scales and can be related to a number of natural factors.  Meaning that all our wasted effort and money on killing those fuels is pointless.

I know this looks like a weird link but once you are there if you refresh it you will get the paper.  (Harde Paper)

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