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Remember the Affordable Care Act–the One that Would Make Health Care Cheaper?

By October 19, 2023Commentary

Former President Obama was a masterful liar, he would just say things he knew weren’t true with an absolute sense of conviction.  His signature, and only, real legislative accomplishment was the woefully misnamed Affordable Care Act, which was supposed to provide cheaper health insurance and health care for everyone.  We still have a significant percentage of Americans with no health insurance, mostly because they don’t want it or are too irresponsible to get it, since free Medicaid is available to a massive proportion of the population.  The law laded a huge cost on providers and payers through a series of mandates on activities, data collection and reporting.  Just one way that the Act helped make health insurance and health care more unaffordable.  And the law in general has done nothing to slow the pace of health insurance premium growth.  The pre-eminent survey on employer health plans, by the Kaiser Family Foundation, has just been published (I will review it shortly) and it shows over a 7% jump in cost in 2023.

This study does a good j0b of summarizing the real impact of the ACA, as opposed to the lies we were fed by Obama and other Dems.  The paper focuses on the individual market, where the law created exchanges that were supposed to foster competition and lower premiums.  Contrary to original projections, only 1.6 million people were net added to private insurance.  In 2021 the federal government spent $60 billion subsidizing coverage, far, far more than projected and on a per person basis, triple what was projected.  Obama and the architects of this abysmal failure knew they were lying and knew the law would not reduce or even stabilize costs.  They didn’t care in part because what they really want is a single-payer system, so if the ACA flopped, they would just use that as an excuse to create a truly disastrous all-government paid system.  (Paragon Report)

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