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A Better Climate Model

By October 16, 2023Commentary

Climate “science” is generally not science at all but wishful thinking by whacked hysterics.  When you really look at the data, you don’t see any climate emergency or crisis, you just see rich people spending billions to generate “findings” that justify giving them even more billions for renewable energy, which every day is shown to be both more expensive, less reliable and more environmentally damaging that fossil fuels or nuclear.  And the lynchpin of the hysteria is a set of climate models that can’t accurately reproduce even the known past.

It is technical, but here from the estimable Willis Eschenbach is a discussion of a better model, which is weirdly called a “constructal” one.  In general the constructal law visualizes many processes as basically involving a flow and the governing principle is to reduce the resistance to flows.  This particular version of the law results in a climate model focused on heat flows.  In essence the earth’s weather is a heat engine designed to take energy delivered by the sun, which is greatest in the tropics and move it toward the poles.  Willis takes this law and some earlier work and examines data to see if it supports the model conclusions.

The data tells Willis to make some adjustments to equations and assumptions in the earlier work and he did.  And viola, he gets a remarkably accurate model, particularly for long-term temperature trends but also with good, not perfect, agreement on yearly variations, which can be substantial.  And this constructal model results in climate sensitivity, or link between how much temperature increase results from a doubling of CO2 in the atmosphere, that is much lower than that found in typical climate models constructed by hysterics.  Worth a read.   (WUWT Post)

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