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And Here’s More Evidence of Our Precipitous Decline

By October 15, 2023Commentary

Hard to know how accurate this is, but based on everything else I see, it is pretty accurate.  A study claims that about half of all teens report spending at least four hours a day on social media.  This is the same social media that rots their brains, makes them anxious and depressed, spreads Chinese, Russian and other propaganda and is just an all around waste of time.  They do this instead of actually talking to and engaging in activities with other real teens.  Study after study shows how dreadful this is for teens’ mental health and accomplishments in life.  It makes them passive observers and facilitates their complete inability to actually think about anything, gather facts, analyze logically, come to reasonable conclusions, challenge their and others’ beliefs.  It is awful and should be simply banned, but we can’t even ban the Chinese app Tik-Tok, which clearly is used to illegally gather information on and ruin the lives of users, because as usual, large campaign contributions to a few congresspeople are blocking the action everyone knows is appropriate.

And parents really need to wake up and keep their kids off social media, don’t give them smart phones and make sure access is blocked on any device they have.  Make them have a real phone conversation or better yet, actually get together with another human in person.  I don’t know how many more studies we need showing the indisputable link between social media use and mental health problems, including suicide.  We are running out of workers in part because young people today have grown up like this and are frankly incapable of real work and real interactions.

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