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Electricity Prices in the US, California and Minnesota

By May 11, 2023Commentary

This post was sparked by one at Watt’s Up With That on California electricity prices.  Dave Dixon did his usual sterling work to put together a chart from the referenced data on US national, California and Minnesota electricity prices over the last several years.  California has been the leader in pushing for so-called renewable energy.  Like our idiot governor, their’s claimed that it would leader to lower prices.  You see how that is working out.  This is the future for Minnesota–far higher prices, far lower reliability.  California has also experienced shortages, with more to come.  One reason their prices are high is that they have to import power much of the time, since the sun don’t shine and the wind don’t blow on command.  You will note that the big spike in prices occurred in the years after the first mandate cut in–35% of electricity from renewables in 2020.  Prices went bonkers.  (WUWT Post)

Minnesota, as you see, for years had electricity costs that were below average.  Then we were at the average, creeping above it.  If the renewable insanity continues, costs will go up everywhere, but not every state is quite as stupid as we are, so I would expect that while the average will rise, our costs will get further above the average.  You might also ask yourself–if renewables are cheaper, why is the average going up as more of our electricity comes from those sources.  And you might further note that neither California’s, Minnesota’s or indeed, the entire US’ reduction in use of fossil fuels for generating electricity has made squat’s worth of difference in global CO2 emissions or temperatures.

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