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How Much CO2 Is Human-produced and How Much Is Natural?

By May 14, 2023Commentary

The American public doesn’t do complexity, which makes it easy for the global warming whackos to just tell whatever lies they want and use false labels.  Any “global” warming is modest if it exists.  And the supposed cause we are told, other than cow farts, is human use of fossil fuels, which raise the CO2 level which causes more warming.  None of which is definitely proven or even likely to be true.  Here is an interesting study on the sources of increased CO2 in the atmosphere.  I am not sure how honest climate scientists get work published in the current environment, but something slips through every now and then.

Looking at the period from 1750, which is pre-industrial era, to the present, the authors separated the human and non-human sources of the increase in total CO2 concentration.  As they say:  “These results negate claims that the increase in C(t) since 1800 has been dominated by the increase of the anthropogenic fossil component. We determined that in 2018, atmospheric anthropogenic fossil CO2 represented 23% of the total emissions since 1750 with the remaining 77% in the exchange reservoirs. Our results show that the percentage of the total CO2 due to the use of fossil fuels from 1750 to 2018 increased from 0% in 1750 to 12% in 2018, much too low to be the cause of global warming.”

These authors will undoubtedly soon be fired for heresy, but although the paper is technical, the results look solid.  They had trouble getting it published and submitted comments about the paper from other scientists reveal the attempt to prevent publication.  Don’t worry, no one in charge of energy policy will pay any attention to it.  The global warming religion is more important than science or truth.  (CO2 Paper)

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