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Equity My Ass

By January 25, 2023Commentary

When progressives yammer about diversity, equity and inclusion what they really mean is discrimination in favor of their cherished sub-groups, usually African-Americans, women and the alphabet crowd.  They have no interest in equal treatment, equal opportunity or even equal outcomes.   They want everything to be handed on a silver platter to their favorites.  Knowledge, experience, skill, effort; all these mean nothing.  All that counts are your immutable characteristics and your willingness to parrot whacked ideologies.

So here is a demand for some real equity–why are men being so discriminated against in college?  There are slightly more males in the population than women at college age, so they should represent at least 50% of graduates.  They don’t, and the problem is steadily worsening, and this blatant discrimination exists in graduate schools as well.  If we want equity, then by the numbers something very inequitable is happening, yet there is not a word said about it by the high priests of progressive insanity.

Males have been demonized by progressives and this is the result, and then they wonder why there are so many violent young men and so many who fall prey to drug and alcohol addictions.  I eagerly await the first progressive who has the courage to apply their equity blathering where it belongs.

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  • DuluthGuy says:

    Why would men want to go to college these days? Pay $20k plus per year to hear about how evil they are? Unfortunately, one has to for many professions. If I were in high school today, I’d take whatever classes I could to become a plumber or an electrician before graduation. Those services are going to be in serious demand with the number of people who’ve retired and the lack of people going into them. My generation (late gen x and early millennials) were told by teachers and parents to just go to college, didn’t matter what the major was. That was absolutely terrible advice in hindsight.

  • L. Earl Watkins, Jr. says:

    Excellent point. Everyone should be armed with population facts to discuss every diversity argument: actual race numbers, sex numbers, etc. If the population is 70% caucasian, and diversity is being discussed, then that should be the first “law of fairness” and then test the make-up of every public board, police department, sports team, college campus, etc. Any diversion from the basic diversity facts destroys the basic “equity” argument. Then layer in your numbers on men/women, religion, etc. The diversity argument always falls apart with the application of facts and it gets revealed for what it is: eliminate demonstrated ability/capability and substitute a participation trophy for actual performance. If the left is upset by the lack of “racial diversity” in the NHL, then we need to apply the same standard to college and professional basketball and football. That would destroy the joy of watching the best players competing on a level playing field. I vote for merit.

  • Aaron Goldberg says:

    I never hear people on the left complain about how men are overrepresented in prisons either.

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