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A Quick Chart on Energy Sources

By January 25, 2023Commentary

As readers will have noticed, I have public policy interests far beyond the epidemic.  One for a long time has been the climate and energy.  It is an absurd fantasy to believe so called renewable energy will ever be cheap or reliable or even available in a sufficient amount.  Yet the morons in the Minnesota Democrat party and elsewhere think we should cripple outselves by making rich people even richer with forced “renewable” energy.  See this chart.  As the demand for energy has grown, thank God for fossil fuels.  This is why China, India, Russia and others constantly create more energy from those fuels.  The only renewable making any real contribution is wind–which is incredibly environmentally unfriendly, killing birds and bats, changing the ocean ecosystem, disrupting human and animal life, creating massive amounts of hazardous waste.  The fantasy will shortly collide with reality as the US starts having massive blackouts.

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