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Minnesota Excess Death Update

By December 6, 2022Commentary

We are hoping to unveil some more detailed work on this in the future, using death certificates, but you may recall that periodically in the past we have used the CDC data tracker on excess deaths to show what has occurred in Minnesota during the epidemic.  Since our last update on this in September, several hundred more excess deaths have occurred in the major categories of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, cancer and dementias.  These are lockdown and terror campaign deaths, directly the fault of little Timmy Walz, Jan Malcolm and federal officials like the execrable Tony Fauci.  They occur because people’s disease worsened when they were afraid to or unable to get routine care, they missed or delayed cancer screenings and in the case of dementias, we abandoned these people with no social contacts and they gave up.

As Dave points out, the non-CV-19 excess deaths are climbing to the level of attributed CV-19 deaths.  The official CV-19 death total is greatly exaggerated.  I think the non-CV-19 excess deaths already exceed CV-19 ones and will keep climbing.

Dave’s notes:

  1. We last reported on the CDC total excess deaths for Minnesota and the US on 9/09/2022 here: In the last 3 months since then excess deaths continue to accumulate in Minnesota, except for Influenza and Pneumonia excess deaths which are unchanged at 41.
  2. The CDC publishes a data dashboard displaying what they call “Excess Deaths Associated with COVID-19”, here: This dashboard also allows us to select for causes of death which do not have a COVID-19 diagnosis. It is important to note that this data on excess deaths is only an estimate, and there is a lengthy description and of the methodology and its limitations on the CDC web site. For our charts, we selected the twelfth dashboard, “Total number above average by cause”, and then plotted for both the United States and for Minnesota.
  3. Fig. 1 is the CDC estimate for non-Covid excess deaths by cause in Minnesota since the start of the pandemic, 2/1/2020. The total number of non-Covid excess deaths is 8,001 as of 12/05/2022. In comparison, the total Covid death toll, according to the Minnesota Department of Health, is 13,716 (available here: The non-Covid excess death toll is a significant fraction (58.3%) of the Covid death toll, and would be much higher if we only considered Covid deaths without significant and major co-morbidities. It would not be a surprise if the CDC excess death total exceeded the death total of those who truly died from Covid-19 as the main cause of death.
  4. Fig. 2 is the CDC estimate for non-Covid excess deaths by cause in the entire US, also since 2/1/2020. The total non-Covid excess deaths is 430,816. The total US Covid deaths according to the CDC is 1,077,303 (available here: The ratio of non-Covid to Covid excess deaths for the US is 40.0%, quite a bit lower than the Minnesota proportion. However, we do not know if all states are consistent in how Covid deaths are assigned, and we do not know if all states have roughly equal non-Covid excess deaths on a per capita basis.

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