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Has Minnesota Peaked?

By January 19, 2022Commentary

The current wave may have peaked in Minnesota, a little earlier than I thought, but DOH is so screwed up it is hard to know.  Today we got a massive case dump–over 44,000–but the vast majority are from over a week ago, far outside the typical reporting lag.  So who knows, maybe there is another huge backlog of cases still sitting there.  But looking at the table of cases by specimen collection date, based on today’s dump, it looks like the peak was in the 1/3 to 1/7 area and week-over-week cases are headed down.  Another dump like this one could change the analysis, but it would take a lot to make WOW cases pick up again.  And so far we aren’t seeing an uptick in hospitalizations or deaths, and I would have expected to see hospitalizations pick up by now.  Those are reported differently and don’t appear to suffering the same lag or completeness issues.  If the case surge earlier in January was creating a similar surge in hosps, even incidental ones, we would have seen it by now.  Must have been those mask mandates Mpls and St. Paul put in place.  Morons.

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  • Douglas Kraus says:

    Don’t forget the morons in Rochester. Our mayor implemented her new mask mandate on Sunday morning.

  • David Krieg says:

    History will show 2020 as the year junk science took over the world and allowed authoritarian tyrants to stomp on private citizens.

  • Jenni says:

    Great job! Love this site! I’ve been looking at the vbtcounts raw data for the last couple of months and was sorry to see but not surprised by the trends. I think most would not support these mandates if they knew what this data shows.

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