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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 90

By January 20, 2022Commentary

The British Prime Minister is in trouble for ignoring CV-19 restrictions that the rest of the country had to live by.  So give him credit for coming up with the right response.  He is ending every restriction–no masking, no distancing, no isolation–for everyone.  He came up with a really novel idea–trust people to make their own decisions about what is best for them in their situation.  Don’t expect the same here, the totalitarians in one party who run the country are having way too much fun trying to tell everyone how they have to live their lives.  If anyone had any doubt that the Democrat party is now the Communist Party of Russia, the Communist Party of China, the Nazi Party of Germany  and the Ayotallahs of Iran rolled into one, the recent poll on what measures most Democrats would support in regard to unvaxed people should put that doubt to rest.  This is an authoritarian party that wants to punish, very literally punish, anyone who doesn’t act, think or speak just exactly like these totalitarians believe they should.  We are doomed, because these jackasses control education right now.

I noted a few weeks ago that the current administration is doing everything it can to find an exit from its disastrous CV-19 policies, so all of sudden the “science” is changing radically on things like isolation and now on whether immunity from infection is as good or better than that from the vax.  A new CDC study acknowledges what has been apparent in all the research from the start.  It finds that within a short time after vax, prior infection is more protection against a subsequent infection than is vaccination and it is more protective against hospitalization.  Notwithstanding this conclusion, the authors say vax is the best way to protect people.  Uneducable ideologues.   (CDC Study)

This study finds what just about every other study finds in regard to the effect of prior infection.  The study was conducted among employees at the Cleveland Clinic.  Those who had been previously infected had good protection against reinfection, at least as good as that created by vaccination.  Vaccination and infection appeared to provide somewhat better protection, but not until several months after vaccination.  Uninfected and unvaxed persons had by far the highest risk of infection.  So hopefully the Cleveland Clinic isn’t forcing people who have been infected to get vaccinated or lose their job.  (JID Study)

People wonder why some variants appear more transmissible.  This study suggests, as I have believed must be the case, that part of the reason is that they have mutated to become hardier in the general environment.  They can survive for a longer period, including on skin, and I believe they are more capable of surviving and traveling in air.   Omicron can survive for up to 16 hours on skin and remain viable.  So yeah, those masks are really gonna help you.  (Medrxiv Paper)

Another study on vaccine effectiveness from the Kaiser system, with a focus on Omicron.  Vaccine effectiveness was limited against Omicron infection, but remained good against serious illness.  A booster dose lifted effectiveness against all events for a limited followup period, with uncertainty about longer term effectiveness.  (SSRN Report)

This paper from Italy, which was hit hard early on, examines antibody persistence in those who were infected but not vaxed, versus those who were infected and vaxed.  Vaccination re-boosts antibody levels in the prior infected group, and those antibody levels tend to decline again.  Antibodies remained detectable for at least 18 months in both groups.  (Medrxiv Paper)

This study was done among veterans and examined vaccine effectiveness against Omicron.  The usual finding of less effectiveness in preventing Omicron infection, but continuing good protection against serious disease.  A booster increased that protection.  Once more a failure to consider the effect of prior infection in any of the studied groups and no assessment of the role of the passage of time since vax.  (Medrxiv Paper)

The research appears conflicting on the effect of Omicron infection against Delta or other variants.  This study, in contrast to others, claims that an Omicron infection does not leave adaptive immunity to other variants.  It also finds that vaccination after infection boosts the response against all variants.  (Medrxiv Paper)

A lot of good research has come from Qatar during the epidemic.  This one compares Moderna and Pfizer.  Both are strongly effective against serious outcomes, but have lessening protection against infection in a few months, with Moderna generally being more protective against all events, likely due to a higher dose, but also leading to more adverse events.  (NEJM Article)

Breakthru infections by definition occur in vaxed individuals, and this paper indicates that these infections will boost the antibody levels and protection beyond those created by vax alone.  (Medrxiv Paper)



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  • Daniel R Riser says:

    The nurses are controlled by the democrats also. Every union that I know of donate money to the evil agenda of the democrat party,
    My heart surgery that meant life or death was almost cancelled because of the “no bed lie”. A nurse and a very close friend told me there were a lot of beds, just no staff
    to take care of patients in those beds. With tyrant timmy banging the drums that everything was non-essential (except murdering babies) and hospitals shutting down those services, why would management keep extra staff on hand? Thanks to my surgeons and cardiology staff who went toe to toe with management, I am here today. No thanks to tyrant tim and his dept of death.who murdered the elderly and countless small business and has hurt (and continues to hurt) school children. His judgment day will not be pleasant.

  • Dan says:

    “ Omicron can survive for up to 16 hours on skin and remain viable. ”

    Why only skin and not clothing or a mask? Doesn’t this mean it’s as important to wash your face as often as your hands?

    • Kevin Roche says:

      I have mentioned several times the study showing that of all surfaces tested, virus was viable the second longest on skin–over 20 hours.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      sorry meant on masks. worn out from this

  • Jim says:

    I had the vaccine and the booster and got COVID this week. It was like a mild cold. It was something I would have never in the past have given a second thought about. We really need to take the approach that the UK is taking and just get on with things. This is a seasonal cold. Stop the nonsense.

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