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Vaccination Rates, December 28

By December 31, 2021Commentary

Dave Dixon updated vaccination rates, which we haven’t reported on for a while.  Minnesotans continue to be good little soldiers, getting vaxed and boosted at a very high rate.  All so DOH and the IB can terrorize us over breakthru events.  Dave’s notes:

1. All first and second shot data comes from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) People Vaccinated by Age data file The cumulative number of Minnesotans who have received a booster shot is published on this page,, by clicking the button labelled “Vaccines Administered”. The age breakdown of those receiving a booster shot is not provided.

2. The populations of the various age groups is taken from the US Census American Community Survey 5-Year Estimate Table S0101, available here:

3. On slide 1 we have added the number of booster shots administered per day, as the brown curve. Shots per day are found by subtracting one day’s cumulative total from the prior, whenever we have 2 consecutive days of data (generally 4 days per week, less holidays). Booster shots administered per day have generally been in the range of 20,000 to 30,000 shots.

4. Slide 2 is similar to versions published before, with the addition of the 5-11 age group. In addition, the total population percentages (black curves) are based on the 5 and older total population. The overall percentage to have received one shot is 71.8%, and to complete the vaccination series 67.3%.

5. Slide 3 is new. This is the percent of the 5 and older age group to receive first or seconds shots (the same as the black curves on Slide 2). In addition, we have the percent of those who are 18 and older and who are fully vaccinated and who have received a booster shot (green curve currently at 52.9%). The Minnesota Covid Guidance web page says that those who are 16-17 years old who had the Pfizer vaccine are eligible for a Pfizer booster. Since we do not know the ages of those actually to receive boosters we have computed the % boosted based on the 18 and older vaccinated population, assuming that those 16-17 years of age who received a booster shot will be few in number.

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