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Coronamonomania Thrives in Darkness, Part 63

By May 11, 2021Commentary

Random thought.  I know at least ten Minnesotans personally who winter in Florida, Arizona or other warm places and got vaccinated there.  Does the state track these people and count them toward the 70% hostage number to be vaccinated before the mask mandate is lifted?  Apparently they don’t so they are undercounting.

This is a really bizarre paper that you have to read.  I am probably one of the people they are referring to as CV-19 skeptics.  (Arxiv Paper)   The authors were studying those who argue that government interventions were excessive, particularly masking, and not based on data.  Although the authors tend to view this group negatively, everything they say about the characteristics of these people is actually very  positive.  They  believe in data, they believe governments should be more transparent with data, they believe that experts should be challenged, they believe in trying to explain things to the general public in a simple way, with visualizations, they believe science is a process leading to better understanding of truth.  As I said, a really bizarre paper.  And again we see the hilarious desperateness to claim that the evidence supports the benefit of masking to slow community spread.  There is no such evidence.  But what is scary about the paper is its suggestion that governments should become less transparent and even more messaging driven, i.e., lie to and mislead the public in the interest of what the government and its experts “believe” to be true, and it is just a belief.  1984 was just delayed a couple of decades.

Yet more evidence that schools should never have been closed.  (AAP study)   Coming from the state of New York, the researchers found that in-person school was not associated with higher levels of cases and that transmission in school settings was very rare and when it did occur, it was almost always adult to child.

There is evidence to suggest that some of the CV-19 vaccines may be associated with clotting disorders, including thrombosis or a clot that blocks an artery or vein.  This study, however, suggests that the risk is far greater that a person will experience a clotting problem if infected, in fact infected patients were over 6 times more likely to have a brain clotting issue and over 7 times more likely to have another common clotting problem.  And persons with influenza had a lower rate of clotting issues than did CV-19 patients.  So you are much more at risk of a clotting problem if you get infected than if you get the vaccine.  Furthermore, the risk of clotting problems after vaccination is consistent with the background rate of those conditions.   I suspect that the two are linked.  Whatever it is about the virus that causes clotting issues in some people may explain why vaccines that use part of the virus also lead to clotting problems.  Researchers should be able to come up with an explanation soon.  (Medrxiv Study)

Yesterday  we saw a study showing that the upper respiratory tract develops antibodies following infection or vaccination, today we learn that T cells are also present there to help fight off CV-19.  (Medrxiv Paper)   So not only do the vaccines prompt T cell adaptive immunity, but  those cells are present on the front lines.

More on seasonality as researchers struggle to explain why the geographic and seasonal pattern exists.  (RS Study)    The researchers attempted to build models of termperature, humidity, air pollution and other factors to explain transmission rises and falls.


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  • Mike M. says:

    “So you are much more at risk of a clotting problem if you get infected than if you get the vaccine.”

    I am not buying. They used confirmed cases. So if one in four infections is a confirmed case, then the risk from the disease is 1.5 to 2 times that from the vaccine. But not everyone who is not vaccinated will get the disease while everyone who is vaccinated has the risk from the vaccine. So not very different between the two.

    And what if they decide we must get vaccinated every year, as is in the works?

    It looks like the blot clot risk with the mRNA vaccines is much higher than for the J&J vaccine, at least if you are not a pre-menopausal woman.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      If you are going to start adding in undetected infections you would have to add in the clotting issues for those people as well. Can’t change the denominator without also affecting the numerator, unless you assume there is something radically different for those undetected infections. The reality is that if people don’t want to take the vaccine, so be it, but mostly they are just latching onto any excuse and unfortunately some people have very erroneously exaggerated the safety risk. Whether it is the right thing for the government to do or not, the truth is that we will get out of these “emergencies” fastest if people get vaccinated.

  • J. Thomas says:

    PA is about to get out this ‘Emergency” the right way, by voting in changes to our state’s constitution next week. The concept of holding the population hostage to a vaccine is just what the Marxist’s want from us.

    Several months ago I posted a reference to an article that basically argued about concerns for people who already had the virus then getting the mRMA vaccine. Since perhaps 4x the number of people have had it than we are aware of, the odds are of the same magnitude that this number of people will then fall into the category referenced in the article. It was also an argument of mine that this same population was untested in the clinical trials, since only healthy people were used at the time. They make up the ‘Guinee Pig’ group. Now here we are with side effects showing up … I don’t think we have anywhere near enough accurate data to make any statements. But just like the phony death count rules (which just got changed again, new code issued), blood clot data will be manipulated to fit the narrative of vaccination being better than your own immune system’s response. There is no data that can prove this to be true !

    We should have let the dam virus run through the population, take our hit for 3 to 6 months using therapeutics (like other countries) and get this behind us. Net deaths would have been less, considering all of the collateral damage within the overall health care system. All of the money spent on political posturing/vaccine development/distribution/propaganda/jabs, etc., could have gone toward improved preventive medical care for tens of millions. The liberal weak minded ‘one death is too many’ attitude killed far more than the virus would have. Gutless, feels good leadership is in vouge now, we’ll be paying for this for a long time to come !

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