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The India Panic

By May 10, 2021Commentary

India is having a case wave.  So far, it isn’t nearly as bad as what the UK has endured.  See the chart.  But boy it makes the epidemic panic purveryors happy.  Thanks to Twitter for the chart.

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  • Al Gardiner says:

    Chart says UK, you said US. But point taken in either case.

  • Ann in L.A. says:

    I figure there’s a reason the media are focusing on India and ignoring the more-severe problems on this side of the Pacific. Uruguay, Costa Rica, and other countries to our contiguous south are doing far worse than India. But if the American people knew than Central and South America were suffering heavily from the epidemic, there would be strong calls to seal the border again, and the politics of the border trumps (heh) everything.

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