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Environmental Impacts of Various Energy Sources

By April 28, 2024Commentary

The climate hysterics and environmental whackos have combined to convince us all, through outright lies and data manipulation, that the earth is heating up and it is all due to human emissions, primarily CO2, although apparently cow farts contribute.  (No word on why there wasn’t heating when millions and millions of buffalo roamed North America.)  These lies are funded by and beneficial to rich billionaires who then make even more from “renewable” energy, which supposedly will fix the problem.  But as a few independent and brave researchers have shown, renewable energy is certainly not green.  And we know it isn’t reliable or cheap.  The whole thing is a scam, and the primary evidence of that is that China and India, too pretty smart countries, are still building huge fossil fuel plants and increasing their CO2 emissions.  They know it doesn’t matter.

A new report  details one of  the environmental impact of various energy sources, including nuclear and renewables.  It focuses on mineral extraction and attempts to be neutral and objective, whatever that means these days.  It looks at earth moved, minerals extracted, and steel, concrete and other consumption.  According to the authors, nuclear energy extracts about a third of the minerals that current wind and solar energy requires, and far less than coal or gas.  This is a misleading comparison, however, because coal and gas are direct removal of energy sources, as is nuclear to a smaller extent; but the fossil fuel plants are far smaller and require far less transmission resources.  Coal mines now replace material and leave attractive countryside when the coal is depleted.  Wind and solar farms eat up immense amounts of materials, cover vast tracts of land with ugly equipment and the process of refining, manufacturing and disposing of this equipment involves large of amounts of hazardous waste.  Coal and gas produce about zero hazardous waste.

It is pretty clear that the authors were attempting to pimp nuclear energy and to some extent wind and solar, so I went and looked at the group behind the report, Breakthrough Energy, and its funders.  Well, what do you know, it is all those rich billionaires profiting from “green” energy.  Oh well, at least they are promoting nuclear energy, which does make sense.  The truth is that renewable energy, especially wind and solar, is highly environmentally unfriendly throughout the life cycle, including destruction of animal life and affecting local weather and climates.  The truth eventually will out, but not before we have wasted trillions of dollars and ruined our economy by expensive and unreliable energy.  (BT Report)

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  • SteveD says:

    The energy source with the least impact on the environment and which will soon be the cheapest and safest is thorium. A pound of thorium has 200 times the energy of a pound of the next best energy source, uranium.

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