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Climate Hysteria Is Based on Made-up Data, Fast Update

By April 15, 2024Commentary

There is no end to the lies environmental and other whackos will tell in the service of what they think is the public good.  The end insists on the means.  And they never stop to ask themselves, if I just made this data up, how do I even know if there is a problem?  And the core lie, the core data manipulation is temperature.  I have read countless research papers, many by the climate hysterics themselves, which describe the grotesque data manipulation undertaken to lay any foundation for the absurd notion that CO2 is rapidly warming our world.  Much of the best work on data manipulation is done by independent amateurs and reported on various websites.  These data detectives has identififed a variety of techniques used to cool the further past and/or warm the recent past to make the level of average temperature increase appear higher.  My favorites are ignoring obvious urban heat effects and “homogenization”, by which you take higher city temperatures and extend them out into the countryside.  Among sites worth looking at are Dr. Roy Spencer’s, Judith Curry’s, Willis Eschenbach, and Paul Homewood.  This recent post at Watt’s Up With That gives a good example of data “adjustments”, i.e. take the real data and turn it into something else, used to make warming seem greater than it is.  (WUWT Post)

Update, no sooner had I published this than I see a new paper referenced from Russia which looks at the last 2000 years of northern hemisphere temperature using proxy and instrument data, where available, showing a warming period around 250 to 300 AD,  a cooling period with its depth at 550 AD, warming to a peak at 1000 AD, with that peak being as high or higher than today’s temperatures, cooling til about 1600 AD and a gradual warm-up to today’s era.  Very cyclical, no suggestion that CO2 levels dropped precipitously in 500 AD or rose dramatically in 950 AD.

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