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The Ongoing Climate Follies

By April 13, 2024Commentary

There can’t be any serious person who actually believes that “renewable” energy is environmentally friendly.  We have seen millions of birds and bats slaughtered by wind farms and incinerated by solar plants.  The entire chain of production is energy intensive and uses multiple hazardous substances.  Massive amounts of land are being covered with these alien and unappealing structures, depriving us of useful farm land and causing impacts on local weather.  And at the end of their usual life, which comes quite quickly, disposal is a green disaster.

So we shouldn’t be surprised that other allegedly “sustainable” practices are equally environmentally “unfriendly”.  Like banning the use of plastic, in bags or anything else.  Turns out according to this study, that alternatives to plastic are all more energy intensive and result in even high CO2 emissions, CO2 being the demon bogeyman for the hysterics.  For 16 plastic intensive product categories, in 15, the alternatives had from 10% to 90% emissions.  But I don’t know why I bother putting out facts or anyone else does, for the hysterics facts are the enemy.  All that matters is what they believe, and they believe plastic is bad.  (Plastics Study)


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