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Why the Average Person Knows the Economy Sucks

By March 25, 2024Commentary

Bidementia can’t figure out why people aren’t in love with him and all the wonderful things he has done for them, like flooding the places they live with illegal immigrants who take their jobs and commit horrible crimes.  Most illegal immigrants are fine, just looking for a better job, but none of them are vetted, and they had to come in legally, a large number of Americans would be alive today who have been killed by illegals, health care systems would be in far better financial shape, since they wouldn’t have had to give all this free care to people who can’t pay,  our schools wouldn’t be overwhelmed with non-English speakers and we might have real wage growth.  On the other hand, Dems wouldn’t have enough voters to cheat to win.

The recent Tyson revelations demonstrates that one reason senile Joe lets in illegals is so businesses can hire them at lower wages and work them excess hours and they can’t complain.  And this has an impact on wages for all workers.  Between inflation and competition from illegals, real wage growth among private workers has been very low.  During the Bidementia era, there has been no real (greater than inflation) wage growth until early in 2023 and since then it has puttered along at a measly 1% or so for a year.  In total during that time, workers’ real income has fallen.  And in the month of February 2024, real wages actually fell .4%, so it is getting worse in the most recent months.  People aren’t stupid; they know this–they know inflation is rising faster than their paychecks.  (BLS Data)

And they should be even madder, because one class of employees, government workers is getting bigger wage increases.  But they all vote for Dems, so why shouldn’t they?  Gotta keep the bribery going.

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