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Yes, Jann Wenner Is a You Know What

By March 24, 2024Commentary

So I figured Wenner’s memoir wasn’t fully accurate, although he likely was clueless as to what a jackass it made him look like.  There is a bio of him that came out at about the same time, I suspect he got the memoir off quickly because he was worried about the bio, although he nominally cooperated with it.  The bio is called Sticky Fingers.  And as with the memoir but more so, it is apparent that Wenner is just an asshole.  Celebrity and wealth seeking, rude and mean to his staff, his friends, his wife, his family.  Completely uncaring about the average person, only about being able to hang with the rich and famous, to be at the top of society.  Basically did nothing to help the working man and woman, although prattling about that group at times.  Thought he was a great businessman, but pissed away a fortune. You won’t learn from the memoir that he had to give up that private jet and many other things as a result of his divorce but more importantly, his extravagant and reckless spending.  As he did with most associates, he pissed off the one person who kept him making money and being smart about it.  And then it was downhill.  And you aren’t a successful businessman if you got there by being a jerk to associates and staff and having low ethics.  And while this doesn’t matter, for most of his life Wenner was overweight and sensitive about it, but you don’t hear a word about that in the memoir, not consistent with his phony self image.  So I am done with Mr. Wenner, but for a sneak peak I am currently on a bio about another JW–the Ringo Kid himself.  A far more admirable person.

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