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And 2024 Will Be as Bad

By December 31, 2023Commentary

I used to occasionally make predictions related to an upcoming year.  I was always mostly wrong, so I pretty much stopped.  But this year I think I can safely say that at a macro level, 2024 will be disastrous.  I am not even going to talk about Minnesota.  I would like to think that Reps might take the state House back, but Dem cheating is so advanced and has been enhanced by legislation in 2023, so the Dems can just make up whatever number of votes they think they need to stay in power.  And that means the state will continue to sink by every metric related to quality of life.

Nationally, our pile of debt will continue to grow and interest rates will stay high.  A recession is inevitable with stagflation likely.  We will almost certainly be faced with a choice between more Bidementia or the Trump version of egomaniacal incompetence.  Hopefully Reps continue to control at least one branch of Congress.  Russia and China’s decades-long campaign to undermine the US by creating division, lowering education standards, and trivializing life through Tik-Tok and other social media will continue to be hugely successful.

And internationally, no one will have the courage or will to outright destroy the Russian military that is attacking Ukraine, or to destroy Iran’s military and oil infrastructure and its leadership, thereby sending a message to China that it shouldn’t assume we will allow that country to trample on its neighbors either.  So there will be more and more armed conflict that destroys civilization, wastes resources and kills humans.

All in all, a great year to look forward to.  Here is what I hope will happen.  Trump doesn’t get the nomination, and whichever Rep does soundly defeats Bidementia and Reps hold the House and take the Senate.  But more importantly, Reps have the courage to actually stop spending and eliminate deficits and have some plan to even reduce the debt.  Whomever the President is has the guts to help our allies abroad who are fighting against totalitarianism and barbarity.  Give Ukraine everything it needs and then some. Give Israel everything it needs and then some.  Take down Iran.  Confront North Korea before it is really too late.

None of that will happen, none of it, but that is my New Year’s wish.

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