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Tom Wolfe Nailed our Current Sorry State Due to Whacked Pseudo-Marxists

By May 26, 2024June 3rd, 2024Commentary

I wrote a post a couple of months ago about the Tom Wolfe bio I read.  That caused me to re-read some of his shorter books of articles and essays, which was fascinating.  We could sorely use someone who really spoke “truth to power” these days.  Wolfe never hestitated to expose the pretentious nature of those elitists or experts in any area, from art to politics.  One of the essays I read was In the Land of the Rococo Marxists.  You can find it in a book of his articles called Hooking Up, or probably just somewhere on line, in fact I think you will find it here.  (Wolfe Essay)  It is a short and an easy read.  It was written in around 2000 and two more decades of academic corruption have only spread the infestation even further.  Here are some selections that give you an idea of how prescient Mr. Wolfe was.

“… Nietzsche, who in 1882 made the most famous statement in modern philosophy–“God is Dead”–and three startlingly expert accurate predictions for hte twentieth century. …  (1) The faith men formerly invested in God they would now invest in barbaric “brotherhoods with the aim of the robbery and exploitation of the non-brothers.  Their names turned out, in due course, to the German Nazis and the Russian Communists.  (2) There would be “wars such as have never been waged on earth”.  Their names turned out to be World War I and World War II.  (3) There would no longer be Truth, but “truth” in quotation marks, depending upon which concoction of eternal verities the modern barbarian found useful at any given moment.  The result would be universal skepticism, cynicism, irony and contempt. … an entirely new figure, with an entirely new name, arose in Europe;  that embodiement of skepticism, cynicism, irony, and contempt, the Intellectual.”

“From the very outset the eminence of this new creature, the intellectual, who was to play such a tremendous role in the history of the twentieth centruy, was inseparable from his necessary indignation.  It was his indignation that elevated him to a plateau of moral superiority.”  He goes on to say that since the United States in the 20th century was clearly the preeminent country and society, our intellectuals were “soon enveloped in a heavy Marxist mist.”  They started labeling everything as some form of facism or genocide, including “Cultural genocide referr(ing) to the refusal of American universities to have open admission policies so that any minority applicant could enroll without regard to GPAs and SATs and other instruments of latent-incipient-brink of facist repression.”  I would note that 20 years on, not only has that come to pass, but you merely have to have the right skin color, ethnicity or sexual orientation and you will admitted to most universities on that basis alone.

Our intellectuals are insufferably masochistic as well.  Susan Sontag the priestess of moronity, who is white wrote, Wolfe notes, “the white race is the cancer of human history; it is the white race and it alone–its ideologies and inventions–which eradicates autonomous populations wherever it spreads, which has upset the ecological balance of the planet, which now threatens the existence of life itself.”  Sound familiar?  This was written in 1967 and after 55 years of corruption of higher education this is now all students are taught, and it is leaking down to K-12 education as well.  As Wolfe said, “(Sontag) was hellbent on illustrating McLuhan’s line about indignation endowing the idiot with dignity, but otherwise she was just a typical American intellectual of the post-World War II period.”

Wolfe goes on, “Marxism may be dead and the proletariat has proved to be hopeless….But we can find new proletariats whose ideological benefactors we can be–women, non-whites, put-upon white ethnics, homosexuals, transsexuals, the polymorphously pervers, pornographers, prostitutes…..trees–which we can use to express our indignation toward the powers that be….to keep the flame of skepticism, cynicism , irony and contempt burning.”  Judith Butler, the insipidly insane dean of gender ideology makes an appearance in the essay as well.  How astoundingly accurate and precise Wolfe’s description of this despicable class of American academic intellectuals remains to this day, only amped up by one hundred times.

Note the references to Nietzsche, whose bio I also read recently.  I should have mentioned in the brief post I did on that topic, how accurate he also was in predicting the future course of humanity.   What Nietzsche actually said about religion was that as societies’ got wealthier and more “advanced”, they would turn away from the ideas of Gods, and replace those with tribal and totalitarian ideologies which would lead to large destructive wars.  He made this prediction in the late 1800s, and said the first such war would occur around 1915.  Without religion, or strong moral codes, to steer people in the right direction, he rightly foresaw that they would return to barbarism and justify it with allegiances based on ethnicity or political belief systems.  None of which would be good for humanity.  We still see all of that playing out today.  So I have no problems with most religions and I think everyone should have some belief system that  they hold themselves to, although of course some religions, i.e. Islam, either are or have become  attractions for adherents and systems of belief that justify all manner of brutality.  Would that those would disappear.

If we are truly to regain sanity as a society, every department that in any manner indulges in woke garbage must be completely defunded, and all the practitioners immediately fired and sent to the Soviet Gulag, or Gaza, their choice.  We must conduct a complete purge of this lunacy, and then we must issue a mass apology to the students who were subjected to this maniacal indoctrination and brainwashing, and pray that at least a few of them are capable of coming to their senses–being grateful for where they were born and live and attempting to actually do something to improve the quality of life of other Americans.

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