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Why Worry About a Little Lead?

By November 3, 2023Commentary

Well, it is a day of distractions.  First the BLS issues it’s usual blatheringly moronic job data and now the State of Minnesota Department of Health, last seen waging a war of terrror on Minnesotans in regard to CV-19, a war which has caused an ever-mounting death and ruination toll, provides some end-of-day hilarity.  It issued a press release warning parents not to give their children a certain fruit pouch product, because of concerns about lead, which might reduce IQ.  As you might imagine, what I found amusing is the state’s concern about a little lead affecting intelligence when it is doing everything it can to create an education system which teaches children nothing but ideological gibberish designed to turn them into ignorant, robotic voters for the whacked Dem party. Lead is the least of these children’s worries.  On the other hand, I have a feeling Fat Timmy consumed a lot of those pouches, due to his girth, and apparent lack of brain power.  (DOH Release)

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