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Lies About Renewable Energy Costs

By November 3, 2023Commentary

Call this incompetent clown whatever you want, Little Timmy Walz, Fat Timmy, the Incompetent Blowhard (my personal favorite for its completely accurate capture of his character or lack thereof), but one thing you can definitely call him is a liar.  One of his supposed signature accomplishments in his long-running effort to destroy the quality of life in the state of Minnesota was to pass a law requiring the use of renewable energy to generate electricity.  Our very own Idiot in Charge claimed repeatedly that this would lead to cheaper and cleaner electricity.  Both parts of that are lies, especially the cheaper part.

One of the power companies in the state, Minnesota Power, got a 9% rate increase earlier this year.  It wanted more, because its costs were higher, and now it has asked for a second, 12%, increase.  I suspect the company isn’t exaggerating the need for rate increases.  The media is now full of stories about the disaster that solar and wind power have become, with projects being abandoned at great cost because rates are inadequate to cover expenses associated with these incredibly unreliable energy sources.  In is obviously no coincidence that rates are rising at this rate and will continue to do so for years, at a time when Minnesota Power went from 95% coal generation to 60% renewables.  Minnesotans should buckle up, its going to be a rough energy ride for the next few years, including blackouts and far higher costs.  But Fat Timmy will likely be telling his lies elsewhere by then.  (Strib Story)

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  • Blackwing1 says:

    So MN Power is getting a 22% increase (1.09 x 1.12 = 1.22)? It’s not that the cost of the electricity going up, it’s just inflation…oops, wrong narrative, there is NO inflation, and if your own eyes tell you otherwise, who ya gonna believe?

    All power utilities are going to need rate increases in any case to meet the absurd regulatory environment engendered by the Biden-cabal.

    They’re not going to stop their BS until political and bureaucratic bodies are hanging like ripe fruit from lamp posts (as Heinlein said, “Jerked quisling, hanged by the neck”), and they’ve got the urban masses so far under their thumbs that it’ll never happen. Sitting here watching the mobs burn, murder, and loot, I’m really happy to have left the Soviet Socialist State of MN and moved (along with my retirement income) to a saner state.

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