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Why You Can’t Trust People Who Make Up Stuff About Vax Safety

By March 27, 2023Commentary

I have fought a long-running battle with the vax safety freaks.  These people are generally health and statistics illiterate, a bad combination.  They are led by Alex Berenson, who makes a fortune selling subscriptions and books in which he makes up shit about vax safety.  Other vax nuts like a certain Dr. McCullough are literally selling snake oil which claims to detox mRNA, so they are pimping safety bullshit to sell products–sounds like pharma companies.  Among other things, these nuts ignore the actual background rate of various conditions they claim are due to the vax and they ignore the confounding effect of infections–almost everyone who has been vaxed has also been infected, but of course, to the VSNs, any health issue must be due to the vax.  Now that is a testament to vax ineffectiveness, which has been pretty amply demonstrated.

So here are two relevant articles, since athletes supposedly dying suddenly of heart issues, or people in general dying suddenly from heart problems are two of the core lies told by the VSNs.  Here in this story in the Wall Street Journal, we learn, consistent with other pre-existing research, that the presence of long-standing heart defects is much more common that previously believed, including in athletes.  The intense stress and exertion associated with college or professional supports is likely to trigger acute effects of these defects, which otherwise would go clinically un-noticed.  You may recall that I previously posted on a study finding no, none, nada, zilch, actual increase in athlete sudden death.

The athlete in this story had had a CV-19 infection, and there was some suspicion that may have caused his flare-up.  But doctors think not, that instead, he had enlarged heart muscles which occur in some athletes but are subject to rhythm issues.  Some of the athletes who have collapsed recently were given pacemakers and were able to return to play.  The finding of more widespread underlying defects was due to screening of players due to concerns of myocarditis from CV-19 infections.  Myocarditis wasn’t found much, but congenital heart defects were discovered at a much higher rate than previously assumed.  But don’t expect the VSNs to ever cite this research or acknowledge it, they are too busy trying to garner fame and get rich.  (WSJ Article)

And here is a similar study from Denmark, finding that a significant part of the population have heart disease, but it has no obvious clinical manifestation, so hasn’t been detected.  These people are much more likely to have heart attacks.  The epidemic was a time of great stress, missed health care, poor health behaviors-like over-eating.  So we shouldn’t be surprised that a lot of this sub-clinical heart disease worsened and led to more heart attacks.  But again, the VSNs won’t want to hear that.  (Annals Study)

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  • joe says:

    A lot of vax safety nuts jumped the band wagon when Damar hamlin was hit during the NFL game resulting in a cardiac event and thus blaming it on the vax.

    Best we can tell, he was hit in the chest in just the right spot (wrong spot) and just the wrong time (phase of the heart beat) and caused a cardiac event.

    As some may recall, every 20-25 years or so, a little league baseball player will get hit in the chest and die of a cardiac event. its a rare event, but with hamlin and the kids, its just bad luck.

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