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Whacked Progressives Embrace Nihilism

By March 29, 2023Commentary

I spend a fair amount of the winter in Florida, a sane, rational state which attempts to make its residents lives better.  My home state is Minnesota, which is literally insane in its pursuit of policies that destroy everything that is good and decent for human beings.  The state is particularly determined to ruin the lives of children at an early an age as possible.  But what is happening in Minnesota is just a reflection of the broader drift of the Democrat party and its dominant progressive faction toward nihilism–the belief in nothing, no principles, and a consequent acceptance of any kind of behavior, including violence toward other humans, and particular acceptance of violence directed toward those who may actually have some guiding principles.

The shooting of children by a deranged, as they all are, supposedly transgender person, is just the tip of the spear.  Every day in multiple cities the disgracefully misnamed Antifa, which is about as pro-fascist as an organization can get, commits acts of violence against people it targets.  Progressivism is a mental disease which stems from a lack of purpose or meaning in life, hopelessness and anger.  It is no accident that it leads to violence.  It is essentially nihilistic.  The people who belong to this movement and who commit these acts of violence are happy to take the benefits of living in an orderly functioning society, while contribution nothing to it, in fact seeking to tear it down.

We had all better learn how to fight back against the violent nihilists.  The laws need to be strengthened–anyone who engages in violence or who harrasses persons attempting to go about their business or engage in protected speech–all of which are common tactics of Antifa, the so-called transgender community and other progressive groups–should be imprisoned for an extended period of time and should be subject to civil damages to those they harm.  If we don’t take strong action against these people, they will bring our society and nation down.

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