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More on Minnesota’s Energy Loonacy

By February 28, 2023Commentary

It isn’t just Dave Dixon who can figure out how crazy the Minnesota bill forcing the state to us unreliable and expensive electricity is.  The Center for the American Experiment has done outstanding work in this area and published several great reports, one of which can be found here.   As Dave did, the Center estimates that the bill will cost Minnesotans hundreds of billions of dollars, and still cause blackouts.   I strongly encourage you to read the report and pass it on to anyone you know.  Minnesotans should be aware of the energy disaster heading their way.  (CAE Report)

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  • John Oh says:

    You guys are real trend setters. There is a good editorial in the WSJ about the PJM grid facing the same problems. Policy decisions have been made to close fossil fuel plants before there’s anything in place to replace the lost power. This is beyond stupidity. It is malicious intent. To ignore the simple arithmetic of where production meets demand shows that the real motive is to make normal folks cold and broke.

  • Jim says:

    John thank you for mentioning the article on PJM grid.
    The actual report can be found at the below link:
    I live in PA which is part of the PJM grid and our electrical rates have doubled since 2020. I have a fear the majority of people do not have enough brain power to understand what is going on.

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