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The Clock is Ticking for Tik-Tok

By December 3, 2022Commentary

I don’t use Tik-Tok, or Instagram or really any social media beyond blog posting purposes.  Tik-Tok has been identified as a source of mental health issues for children and a variety of other problems.  It also is controlled by the Chinese government and does its bidding.  Here is a detailed article from Forbes describing how the Chinese government uses Tik-Tok to influence US elections, basically to help the Dems, who the Chinese undoubtedly correctly perceive as ruining the US.  Fortunately, there are a number of politicians who think Tik-Tok should be banned and I hope it will be.  Not only is it bad for our mental health, but it is a clear source for a foreign government which is antagonistic to the US to attempt to control our politics and policy.  (Forbes Story)

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