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Once More into the Renewable Energy Breach

By December 3, 2022Commentary

Another quick post on a non-CV-19 topic.  I posted a few weeks ago on research showing that offshore wind farms altered the local ocean environment, not in good ways.  Here is another study to the same effect.   It is based on modeling, you know how I feel about that, but it suggests that wind farms in the sea will dramatically affect the food chain in the ocean region around the farm.  There is nothing environmentally friendly about wind power, from how the equipment is made to how it is disposed off to its effect of bird, bat, insect and other species, to the impact of altering wind flows.  Almost as bad as solar power.  And it is expensive and unreliable.  Why is it spreading?  Because rich people get even richer producing it with government subsidies.  (RG Study)

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  • L.E. Watkins says:

    And they take 7 to 10 times more concrete and copper per MWH produced than a typical baseload plant fired by coal or natural gas and yet they only produce power 40% of the hours during the year, mostly at night and in the winter when the peak power loads are the lowest, yet they require the same transmission system investment that a baseload unit requires. So, $1 of transmission cost for a 40% producer or a 95% producer? The math doesn’t work. And one more thing – wind systems typically are good for 10 years before major, if not complete rebuild vs. 35 to 50 years for a baseload unit. Gee, why does the government have to “force” wind upon us? Simply because the market rejects economic waste.

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