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Pro(re)gressives Never Tire of Their Stupid Policies

By September 18, 2022Commentary

But the rest of us do.  These clowns constantly come up with one obviously idiotic idea after another.  And research constantly shows the policies don’t work, and usually make things worse.  Soda has sugar in it, bad, bad, bad.  Makes people fat and unhealthy.  I know, let’s put a huge tax on sugared soda, that will stop people drinking it.  So Philadelphia and other cities run by the whackjobs did just that.  And the research shows it worked just wonderfully, exactly as planned.  Earlier research had already shown that all Philadelphia’s tax on soda did was lead to more purchases of soda outside the city.  This study found that in addition, it didn’t do squat to reduce sugar intake, because consumers just consumed more of other foods or beverages with sugar.  Gee, who would have thunk that would happen.  Seriously, I just marvel at the stupidity and complete lack of real-world commonsense of these ding-dongs.  (Soda Tax Study)

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