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The Jobs Numbers Are an Empty Facade

By September 18, 2022Commentary

I know the job numbers don’t make sense and the unemployment rate isn’t accurate.  I know that because the two surveys that are the basis of the federal government’s reporting are in conflict and show different trends.  And this article explains that far better than I could why the numbers are highly likely to be erroneous.  One of the primary issues is that when people hold two, or more, jobs, each job they hold gets counted as a person employed, which is just stupid, particularly since the bureaucrats putting together these numbers know that people have two jobs.  So the number of people working is overcounted and the unemployment rate is falsely high.  (DS Story)

In addition to the phony jobs numbers, another big issue is that income is growing much more slowly than the prices of the goods and services that income has to buy, so that real incomes are falling.  People know this and feel it every day.  And another problem is that we have lots of people in the prime working age who aren’t working.  They don’t want to work by and large and they blame long CV-19 or make other excuses.  With the exception of a few very wealthy people, every working age person who isn’t employed is living off of someone else’s work, directly or indirectly.  That can’t be sustained indefinitely.  Just one more characteristic of the fake Biden economy, which is in the process of serious collapse.

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  • Kate from Arizona says:

    I was in NYC this week and there was no evidence Covid ever existed.

    I guess they gave up on rekindling unnecessary panic to rig the election and decided erasing covid would be more expedient.

    If it really goes away, please keep writing on other subjects that affect us all!

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