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Crime in Minnesota

By August 15, 2022Commentary

Crime is bad everywhere since pro(re)gressives decided that arresting any minority was racism, police and policing were inherently racist and the public would be a whole lot safer if we just got rid of police.  To everyone but these ideological morons, the outcome would be and has been very predictable.  We not only don’t have enough police, those remaining on the force are dispirited and not about to take risks by arresting anyone.  Criminality therefore runs rampant and unchallenged.

Our local media does their best to support the whackos so they won’t mention this report put out by the state showing just how bad crime has gotten.  (Full Crime Rpt.)   (Mn. Crime Report Summary)   Here is an excellent assessment of the report.  (Mn. Crime Article)

I want to highlight a couple of things.  One is that assaults on police officers are up by 35% year-over-year.  That is a direct result of Little Timmy Walz and Creepy AG Keith Ellison’s assault on the police–they are more interested in prosecuting police than criminals.  So both criminals and bystanders feel free to go after police officers, insulting them, throwing things at them, even shooting them.

The second is that in the metro area, the majority of crimes are committed by African-Americans, and specifically almost all murders involve young black people killing other young black people.  Must be all that systemic racism.  The Incompetent Blowhard and his ilk just try to ignore this extremely inconvenient fact.  But if you don’t address the source of the problem forthrightly, you will never be able to solve it.  Why do young African-Americans so readily turn to crime and violence.

I have news for the pro(re)gressives and BLM types, who are grifters of the worst sort.  If you don’t grow up in a stable family environment with a mother and father who encourage you to take education seriously and who preach self-responsibility and self-control and what appropriate behavior is, there is a high likelihood that you will end up on the streets under the influence and control of criminals and criminal gangs.  And that is exactly what we see.  This is further exacerbated by believing that in today’s environment the color of your skin will protect you from arrest or conviction or jail time.

If we don’t address the root causes, expect to see even more crime in our lovely state.

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  • James L. Edholm says:


  • David says:

    You’re saying the quiet part out loud.
    The group, Mask Off MN. is well-organized and active in pushing back against the inept, abusive government in MN. They are putting up billboards around the Twin Cities, highlighting the harm done to our citizens. The billboards speak to the plandemic corruption but the people responsible for that are the same ones failing at public safety.
    If anyone’s interested:
    “Many of our fellow Minnesotans have largely forgotten what Tim Walz did to our loved ones in senior care facilities, our children trying to get an education and small business owners working to feed their families. This is why we are starting a new #RememberInNovember campaign to remind people of Tim Walz’s crimes against humanity.”

  • joe Kosanda says:

    page 12 of the crime report shows approx 2/3 of MN victims and 2/3 of MN offenders are black
    MN has approx 7% of the population that is black

    That means that blacks are the perpetrator approx 20x-30x the rate of white perpetrator

  • rob says:

    I wish you had a “like” button because I would push it extra hard today.

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