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Personal Responsibility Is Important in Medicine

By July 12, 2022Commentary

One of the key tenets of woke whacko progressive ideology is that personal responsiblity is meaningless, has no value.  Everything is the fault of “society”, discrimination, how you were born; it is never your fault.  And then the whackos are shocked when we find in research that no matter how much you give some people, nothing changes in their lives, and why should it, there is no consequence to being irresponsible.

Here is a key example.  Low-income women, often minorities, have poorer birth outcomes than is typical.  In this study, women (no birthing men as far as I can tell) who were pregnant and covered by Medicaid were provided with intensive nurse home visiting in an effort to improve their birth outcomes.  On a wide-range of outcome measures related to the health of the child and the mother, there was exactly zero difference.  The level of adverse outcomes remained the same.

And I tell you why.  It is because these individuals almost certainly failed to change the behaviors that would lead to poor outcomes–lack of exercise, bad diet, smoking, drinking, using drugs, and failing to engage in other recommended behaviors.  But I am sure that is all due to systemic racism, lack of equity or some other bullshit term our looney-tunes progressive friends come up with.  It won’t change until people have serious consequences for failing to engage in behaviors that are harmful to themselves or in this case, a future child.  (JAMA Study)

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