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Woke Medicine Is All About the Money

By July 12, 2022July 13th, 2022Commentary

I suspect a lot of doctors are fed up with the ideological perversion of their profession, but you won’t know it from reading the leading medical journals.  One of the most despicable trends in medicine is hacking off the sexual organs of young children, giving them puberty blockers and otherwise screwing with their innate biology, with consequences for the rest of their life.  One of the reasons this occurs is because doctors make a lot of money doing it.  This study looked at typical costs of one of these surgeries.  Messing with a vagina costs $60,000.  Doing the same with a penis is $150,000.  Now if I were woke I might say that looks like obvious discrimination and lack of equity.

But what I really want to point out is that someone makes a lot of money promoting these surgeries.  And that is just the tip of the iceberg.  These people are going to need all kinds of medical care for the rest of their screwed up lives and a ton of mental health help.  Big health systems are promoting this “gender-affirming” care as hard as they can because they make a fortune off of it forever.  Whacko progressives are good at one thing, other than ruining people’s lives–making up euphemistic phrases to disguise horrible acts.  Here is an idea for real gender-affirming care–tell children especially to be very, very happy with the way they were born, they are just fine as is, and whichever sex and gender, and there are only two sexes and genders, they were born as is just the way they were intended to be.  Nothing about that limits their behavior, who they love, what they do with their lives.  No need to destroy their bodies and biochemistry.

But that kind of gender-affirming care won’t produce billions in revenue for doctors and other clinicians.  It is always all about the money.  The solution is to make this disgraceful neglect of a patient’s best interest all about the money too.  Anyone harmed by these surgeries and treatments should sue for all the malpractice money they can get, and it should be a lot, they are ruined for life.

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  • joe Kosanda says:

    In the same vein – its all about the money –

    Planned parenthood is the same with abortion – approx 1/2 PP’s revenue comes from abortions

  • joe Kosanda says:

    What is astonishing is the transgender advocates fail to see the obvious – that it is a bogus pseudo treatment for the mentally ill.

    very similar to the repressed memory syndrome that was the “gold standard” of mental health treatment in the 1970’s-1980’s. Mental health professionals planted bogus sexual abuse memories in the mentally ill, making those mentally ill believe they were sexually abused as children.

    Same thing with the transgender diagnosis – mental health professionals planting bogus transgender beliefs in the minds of the mentally ill.

  • Aaron Goldberg says:

    “intended to me” should read “intended to BE.”

  • kelly says:

    I don’t think it is just about the money for everyone involved. Not everyone is directly profiting in a monetary sense. For some it is about a political agenda. Leftists hate nature; they hate the very notion that there is simply a “way things are” that they can’t change. They have to believe gender is socially constructed and fluid. They have to believe they can change the meanings of words and ultimately change society. And what’s most evil is that they put this political/philosophical agenda above actually helping people with gender dysphoria/gender identity issues. Anyone who actually cares about other people should be happy to hear that the answer to someone feeling like they’re in the wrong body isn’t always drastic and risky medical procedures – sometimes it is counseling to get to the root of why someone feels like they have to change their gender. Sometimes it is just letting children go through puberty normally and come out the other side realizing that they aren’t the “wrong” sex. Yet they won’t tolerate anyone suggesting that not every single person who thinks they might be transgender should be affirmed and guided to transition. Because to them, it is not about actually helping people; it’s all political.

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