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One Look at Breakthru Events, January 18

By January 19, 2022Commentary

The look from Dave Dixon that shows you the percent change in breakthru events week-over-week.  DOH is still catching up, still undercounting breakthrough events and still trying to miminmize their role in the epidemic.  And maybe they are right, after all they only reported over 34,000 new breakthrough cases and over 500 new breakthru hosps.  Yep, epidemic of the unvaxed.  A reminder, this is reported data, so subject to variable processing lags.  Right now, I bet on a real time basis it is even uglier for those who demonize the vaxed.  And let me be clear again, I know the data shows that vax prevents serious outcomes, so don’t be stupid if you have any significant risk.  But I hate lying and misrepresentation more than anything and our DOH and even more our jackass of a Governor have been lying about the role of breakthrough events.

Expect to see more of these huge jumps in future week’s reporting, until DOH catches up.  This slide is duplicated in the bigger deck on breakthroughs but I want to highlight the date of report data, because you can then see where all the reported cases from a week go in the earlier weeks.  The date of event reporting takes several weeks to get pretty complete.  Most of these 34,000 cases reported now are going into earlier weeks.

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