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Dr. Faust Lets the Truth Leak Out

By December 31, 2021Commentary

I suspect in general that the current administration is trying to find a way to get out of the epidemic, so they are either finally acknowledging the lack of evidence to back many of their policies and changing them or they are just making stuff up as they go along.  While the media is still running the terror campaign with a focus on child hospitalizations, Dr. Fauci told the truth in an interview that many, if not most, of these hospitalizations in children had nothing to do with CV-19, they are just incidental positive tests on admission.  Meanwhile my pathetic home town newspaper runs a front page story spreading the hype instead of going and demanding that DOH tell the truth about child hosps or getting accurate data from hospitals.  And why are we hearing about child hosps?  Because some morons are determined to force children to get vaccinated, which is unnecessary and dangerous to some.  Just disgraceful.  (Fauci Interview)

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  • Christopher B says:

    If they really are switching to the “It’s endemic” narrative, I think they are mistiming the switch and underestimating how hard it will be to convince the COVID hysterics. They missed the summer lull in the big northern blue states/cities in favor of continuing to demonize Republican Governors, and they really should be waiting another month for omicron and the winter wave to settle down. They are switching into a headwind of cases, and the cognitive dissonance between hearing “we just have to live with this now” versus hearing from vaxxed friends and relatives that are getting the bug is not going to make Brandon and his crew look good.

  • Douglas Kraus says:

    I question the administrations alleged attempt to get out of coronamaia. I do not know what their messaging is leading to. Fauci can be heard in the same day dialing back the fear as well as amping it up. Maybe it is entirely about espousing every stance on an issue to boost his popularity. Maybe he wants to sow confusion. Maybe he is distracting us from some new treachery in the works. Whatever he is doing is for his benefit, not the United States of Americas benefit.

  • DJ says:

    “Because some morons are determined to force children to get vaccinated, which is unnecessary and dangerous to some.”

    I take issue with calling those people “morons”. They are not.

    Unlike a moron, these people know what they are doing.

    They are evil – pure and simple.

  • Abhijit Bakshi says:

    Hard to say what is more disgraceful: the DOH lying but at least doing so consistently, or the execrable Mr. Fauci switching away from a previous lie for purely political purposes. What a mess.

  • Confidential says:

    Ancedotal evidence regarding effectiveness of vaccines

    My Family had an xmas eve dinner with approx 20 attendees
    93 old dad and 90 year step mother, both vaxed caught covid ( 100-101-102 degree fever for 2.5 days)

    8-9 of the second generation caught covid, some vaxed some not, – this group was sick 1-2 days with 100-101 fever’s

    two of the second generation with prior covid infection did not catch covid.

    Only One of the 3rd generation caught covid with minor symptoms. This one had prior covid infection – a reinfection. The other 3rd generation did not catch covid, or if they did, then no symptoms.

    Vaxed breakthrough infections 5 (with two having boosters in last 6 weeks)
    Unvaxed infections 7
    Reinfections (unvaxed) 1
    vaxed and unvaxed not infected 6
    prior infection no reinfection 2

    Covid vax most likely lowered severity of the two 90 year olds

    I did not attend this particular family event.

    Name withheld Due to confidentiallity

  • Stu says:

    Dems corona mania starts to fade around July 4th – Presedementia Biden declares victory and it gives the Democrats 4 months to try to prevent their upcoming disaster in the 2022 midterms.

    The pandemic panic will finally recede after Republicans take House and Senate in November.

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