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The Vaccines Aren’t Stopping Transmission

By December 20, 2021Commentary

I am going to start repeating this at the start of every post that relates to vaccines, because I will not be misused by people to support a position I don’t have.  Regardless of their effectiveness against transmission, vaccines very, very clearly are highly protective against hospitalization and death.  So most people would be wise to get vaccinated.  If you don’t you are risking more serious illness.  So don’t take anything I write as in any way supporting any of the nonsense about vaccines not working to prevent serious disease.  It simply isn’t true.

And while it is a different calculation for young people, if you are an overweight 30 year-old, for example, you likely would benefit from the vaccine as well.  My biggest concern, as always, is that there will be enough cases, and other events, even in the fully vaxed, to sustain those who idiotically insist on engaging in suppression measures that are not going to and have not worked.

A very simplistic way to look at the effect of vaccines on cases and transmission.  Despite very high and rising vax levels in the population, cases have resumed a pretty steady upward trend in Minnesota.  And while they may be disporportionately among the unvaxed, as we know from the proportion analysis, the fully vaxed are responsible for a lot of cases and a lot of transmission.  Thanks to Dave Dixon.

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  • Ganderson says:

    And in hockey news: The NHL has essentially closed down until Christmas- no cross border games, many teams have 10 people in “covid protocol” whatever that means. Wonder if the World Junior Tournament in Alberta will be played. Most of Canada’s at a level of craziness that makes us look normal. I have tix (air and game) for UMASS @ Michigan January 8and 9. Wonder if it will happen

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