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Meet the Nu Variant, Same as the Old Variant, We Won’t Get Fooled Again

By November 26, 2021Commentary

I am not going to spend much time on this nonsense.  Every time a variant, or set of common mutations, in CV-19 arises we get this wailing and gnashing of teeth–its more infectious, its more deadly, it will evade the vaccines.  Load of garbage, used by the media, which profits off terror and politicians who like their power and feeling like Big Daddy (or Mommy) protector.  The research inevitably shows that it really wasn’t any more infectious, didn’t result in more serious disease and the vaccines work as well as they do for any other strain.  So ignore the freak-out is my advice.

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  • rob says:

    Glad to hear your opinion on that. I was buying stocks today on that assumption but without a lot of confidence.

  • Don Ackerman says:

    Nothing nu to see here

  • Greg says:

    Sound advice. Too bad that, as you point out, no major media outlet will be able to resist screaming “the sky is falling…”

  • Troy says:

    I put nothing pass the corporate media to help distract people from the bigger issues concerning this country and just perpetuate how this variant is the worse ever just to help out Biden’s abysmal approval record.

    The Covid variants sure do have impeccable timing.

  • J. Thomas says:

    I found a couple ‘news’ blurbs that have broached the (data-less) idea that Nu is worse on children. Speaking of timing, just in time to bang the fear drum regarding the mass vaccination of our children. Dante will need a 10th Ring for these people …

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