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Out With the Nu, In With the Moronic

By November 26, 2021Commentary

We live in a world ruled by completely asinine people.  The Nu variant lasted about 6 minutes.  It isn’t gone, just renamed.  Nu was apparently confusing.  The next letter is Xi.  Know a world leader with a name like that?  One who aspires to God-like status and is hypersensitive about criticism, also known as the truth?  The World Health Organization, which we learned earlier in the pandemic is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China, decided to skip that letter.  You simply can’t make this kind of stupid up.

The next letter is Omnicron, which a wag on Twitter quickly realized was an anagram for moronic.  So I will prepare for all the forthcoming terrorism by referring to this variant as the Moronic one, in honor of the people who have been leading our response to the epidemic.  And yes, that includes you, little Timmy Walz, oh great and powerful IB of the land where everything is above average, except of course our CV-19 stats and data, those are not just above average, they are the best in the whole country.  Just ask the IB, he will tell you that, over and over and over.  Never use ten words, when ten thousand will suffice.

Is there anyone in the country who deep down doesn’t really just want to declare this over and move on?

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